What is getting replaced, Newspaper with screen or…?!


I took this picture in Chinatown, there was something interesting about these two old men sitting under the tree and reading the news through different mediums. In the background, few groups of old people were playing Mahjong. It was looking like an old village of its own kind.

The first confident old man with black reading glasses on the right-hand side in a red t-shirt with black ironed trouser looked like army personal. His hair was nicely groomed. He even had the pen in his pocket and he looked important and confident.

He seems to be proudly holding the newspaper with his shoulder in an upward and forward leaning position, he was carrying very relaxed and confident facial expressions. Every time he turns the page with crumbled sound,  looked up through is reading glass. He was very much involved and contended with his newspaper.

On the other hand second old man with the colorful strip t-shirt on the left side with a very casual dressing and looked stressed and worried.

He was trying to read on the small screen with squinting eyes with his head down and shoulders leaning downward. He looked tired and angry. His body languages telling me don’t mess with me today……Every time his finger swings  I assumed he was moving to next page but without any crumbling the sound of paper.

I stood there for some time to observe them and then after few minutes another man of same age group walked with the smoking cigarette and stood right next to the old Man in the red t-shirt and asked if he can share few Newspaper pages with him.

My question is what is getting replaced “news on paper with news on screens ” or “interaction with loneliness or people talking” or ” playing with each in the neighborhood with silence in trains and roads”.


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